Donut Dash & Sac Beer Week 5k

This is how my morning started. Donut pants and a tutu. I ran today in a tutu, something I swore I’d never do!

But it was my friend Stephanie’s birthday, it was a donut run, we were wearing donut pants so why not add a tutu to the mix?

The Donut Dash was a really fun race. I haven’t done a “fun run” since I started running in 2012. It is nice to get silly and just have a good time during a race. The idea is to run to Marie’s Donuts, eat 4 donuts or 6 donut holes then run back. I picked 6 donut holes because they were 4 regular size donuts. That’s crazy!!

Our crew before/after the race.

Since no one was actually racing this race we took our time, joked around and drank mimosas. Hell yeah.

These people were awesome. Super friendly. On the way back they ran out of orange juice and they were only pouring champagne. Which was fine with us.

Made it to Marie’s Donuts!

Steph and Juan racing each other down the chute. How cute are they?

 But for real. How awesome are my pants?

So what made this day even better than running the Donut Dash with friends? Running the Sac Beer Week 5k with friends! This was a total last-minute decision based on a change in my schedule today. Switched it up to my more serious racing gear.

Getting ready for the Beer 5k!

This race was a ton of fun. Lots of people from the Sloppy Moose RC were here and some fellow Sacramento Running Association AmbasSRAdors were here as well. This was a smaller race, about 200 people. I figured it would be a race I could PR in and place in my age group. I was being pretty joke-y about it but I did want to win. I can’t help it, I am too competitive. No PR, but I placed 1st in my age group!  This race started at noon and I am NOT used to racing in the afternoon heat. I am surprised I came in first, I was really struggling.

Course for the race today:

Beer Week 5k by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Crossing the finish.

Fellow AmbasSRAdor Andrea placed 2nd and my friend Mitch placed in his age group as well. If I could have hung with him I think I would have been the first female to finish. Oh, and the medals – homemade bottle opener with the Sloppy Moose logo. F-ing perfect prize for a beer run!

My friend Juan Carlos & I. He seriously kept me going today. I don’t know what I would have done without him and his constant talking. Thanks friend!! (That is his after run face).

And of course, thanks to the best bf ever. He wakes up early, cheers me on, takes pictures and drives me around town so I can run 2 fun runs in 1 day. Today was a great day.


7 thoughts on “Donut Dash & Sac Beer Week 5k

  1. Your outfit is adorable, but the idea of eating donuts while racing makes me want to yak! It looks like you had a super fun time, though 🙂

  2. What a fun post and day! Thanks for the tutu’s and celebrating my birthday the best way we know how – running…oh and donuts too! Thanks for having fun with us and I almost forgot about the mimosa stop…how could I?!? Our outfits were awesome, even though we both know how we feel about tutu’s? xoxo, ganeeban

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