Trail Running Adventures 5/24/2015 

Today was pretty awesome. My bf & I headed up to Auburn so I can run some trails. We started at the American River Canyon Overlook. I ran (and he walked) 5.45 miles out to the river and we walked back together.

Here is the course. Next time I’ll have to run back so I can get more uphill in.

BSB Training 5.4 Trail Miles
What is great about where we ran, is it is only about 35 minutes from Sacramento (Midtown area). I had a fucking blast. Enjoy my photos. I stopped a lot to take them. Hey, it was my first time out there.




I’ve realized I have a lot of places I need to explore. I can’t wait to get out there and do it on these legsies. I ❤️ running.

Training vs Working Out

  I often hear people say how much they don’t like to workout or exercise. They feel like it is a chore, something they have to do. With so much focus on working out to be thin, muscular or to look like this celebrity – who did it in only 2 months after giving birth!! (thanks media) I think people find it to be just that, a chore or something unattainable. I also think we associate working out or exercise with a gym. You go to a place, do your workout and you’re done. You don’t think about it again until the next time you are there. Do you ever wonder why exercise (movement) is so important? It is not to have six pack abs or a nice ass. Despite what the fitness industry wants you to believe.

Which is why I like to think of what I do as training. I am training my body to be able to move. Yes I am only 30, but I have been around 30 year olds that have a hard time just getting up off the ground – and I used to be one of them, but in my 20’s! Working in the veterinary field was hard on my back and knees. Sure, I train for races but when I don’t have a goal race in mind…wait, is that even a thing for me? Pretty sure there is always a race on my calendar. Nevertheless, my training consists of more than running. To be a strong runner I need a strong and health body. To have a strong and healthy body I train. I run, I lift weights, I do burpees, pull ups, push ups, I do fun things like carry heavy objects and push people on a sled (prowler). Training CAN be FUN!

So I’m not gonna lie here. Being pushed is way more fun than pushing.

So what if I didn’t run, or what if you reading this don’t run? What do you train for? Well, contact me and we’ll get you started running. It will be great!

Just kidding (kinda). In all seriousness, what should you train for? Freaking life. Train your body to be able to get up when you fall (burpees). Train your body to climb around the playground with your kids (pull ups, push ups). Why should kids get to have all the fun? Train to be able to get up out of a chair when you sit down (squats, dead lifts). I don’t know about you, but when I am 100 I am going to be that bad ass little old lady still running races. I’ll still be running the CIM, keeping up my streak!

  (Thank you Allyson Seconds for these awesome photos)

More turkish get ups – thank you iPhone automatic timer for these photos.

Look at their smiling faces. You can’t tell me they are not loving life right now 🙂 One of the best parts of training is doing it with groups. The support, encouragement and love you get really keep you going. You realize how strong you are.

Some of the best supporters right here! When I tell people I coach at Kaia FIT and it is an all women’s gym they ask if the ladies get into clicks. Not here. We all support one another. I was talking about this recently with my fellow females, and it seems women are being less mean to each other. We don’t seem to be tearing each other down, but instead we are building each other up. I think that is pretty awesome.

Finally, an important part of training is writing it down & setting goals. When I recently told my trainer I don’t write down what I do I think she was surprised. I mean, I have my Garmin and it logs my runs, so I guess I figured that is good enough.

I have come to learn it isn’t good enough. Not for me. First off, if you don’t write down your training how will you know where you’re at? How will you know if you have progressed? Here is my training for this week so far.

Here are my goals for my next race – ZOOMA Napa Valley . I ran this race last year and I know what to expect. I also know I wished I had pushed myself harder. Know your limits. When you can do more, do more!

Of course you don’t have to have running related goals. Or even have them related to your training. But I think it is important to. It is another thing to get you excited about getting up and moving. Challenge yourself, see how much you can push your body. Believe me, it can do things you may never thought possible. I see it coaching every day. We just have to get out there and start doing it.

And Ya Don’t Stop…

My gym/playground today

Training continues. I am currently training for Blood, Sweat & Beers. Today was supposed to be my first trail run, but since it is Mother’s Day I wasn’t able to get up to the trails. Instead I ran to a parking garage downtown and ran some stairs, did some hand stand practice, burpees & sprints.

Burpee time! I love burpees ❤️   

I am still not strong enough to do an unassisted handstand. But I’m working on it.    I love working out on this roof top. You can see a lot of the city. I looked over the edge facing West Sac & saw this mural from a local artist that I really like, BAMR

City views.

This was the first week of training for Blood, Sweat & Beers. I mentioned before that I have a friend that made me a training plan. However, I am considering training with Fleet Feet Sacramento  for this race. They have very experienced coaches, and as a coach I’d love to see what their training is like for trail races.

I’ve taught myself a lot these past 3 1/2 years that I’ve been running (seems like a lot longer though). But I feel like trails are a lot different than road running & I could benefit using a training group. I’m still undecided. We’ll see.

Post stairs, sprints & other fun.

   Here is the latest thing I’m working on. I got a journal. BTW how cute is it?? Cuteness was an important factor in deciding which one to get. Unfortunately they didn’t have any with Cat Friends on them. I have now started to log my workouts – not just my running. I have a training plan for running, which I write on, but it’s not very detailed. I am now logging the days I lift, run and Kaia classes and getting an actual program together.

I’ve become stronger but I want to understand program design and really see results so I’m writing it all down and focusing on my goals.

Day 1 of my lifting program. I am excited to see how my progress goes.

Today was a good training day. I had to improvise, which sometimes happens. Gotta do what you gotta do! Hope you all had a great weekend & to all the mom’s out there – with human kids or the furry kids – Happy Mother’s Day!

Training & Nutrition 

 A few months ago I posted about what I am doing as far as fueling my body for the training I do. I thought I liked what I was doing (as far as the products I was using) but I still felt like something was missing. Then came PhytoSport . This is a plant based sports nutrition line that has a pre, during (hydration) and post workout drinks. FINALLY, what I have been looking for! FYI this is a product from a company I am a consultant for. I love these products and the company and stand behind them 100%. I would never recommend something to my clients that I didn’t use, or that didn’t work for me.

Today went a little something like this: up at 4am for my 5am Kaia class. I fueled with Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks and the PhytoSport Pre Workout mix. Fizz Sticks for the energy and the PhytoSport as fuel for my workouts. It has carbs, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes…

Then I went for a Fartlek run…oh…I started my NEW training!! I’ll be running Blood, Sweat & Beers July 26th. I am lucky to have a great friend that wrote me up a training plan. Today was day 2 of my Blood Sweat & Beers training.

BSB Training – Fartlek by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

BSB Training Plan!


After that I had a recovery shake. Arbonne Chocolate Protein, PhytoSport, and Spinach. Seems like a weird mix (because PhytoSport is mixed berry flavor) but I enjoyed it. The spinach was awesome. Fresh from the farmer’s market.

Yeah, not so pretty looking. But like I said, it tasted great. I don’t know if I have mentioned this on my blog yet, but I have decided for the month of May to cut meat out of my diet. I actually started on April 27th. So today is day 8 of being vegetarian (or pescaterain since I eat fish. Not giving up crab!). I feel like my energy is better, I don’t feel as heavy throughout the day – like when you’re full and you ate too much crap. Not that I was eating crap all the time, but I definitely wasn’t getting enough vegetables. And I am learning to make new, fun veggie dishes. So far so good!

Post run hat hair

It feels great to get back to my Kaia workouts, back to running – and hopefully back to lifting soon. The flu I had that prevented me from running SLO & OC really kicked my ass. It is surprising it took me so long to recover. But I guess when I think about it, it shouldn’t really be that surprising. Ugh…just happy to be back training! Is anyone out there in the Blog World training for anything exciting?? Tell me about it!

Happy Cinco De Mayo Friends!

Hiking Cronan Ranch 

Today was a perfect day to go hiking. Since getting sick a few weeks ago I haven’t been very active, so getting out of the house was my top priority for the weekend. In case you don’t remember I was supposed to run SLO Marathon last weekend and this weekend – yeah, tomorrow – I was supposed to run OC Marathon. Well neither of those happened. I am getting over the disappointment and trying to focus on my next race. Life goes on.

So we decided to head out to Cronan Ranch  today. I was told this is a great area to run trails so I wanted to check it out. Since my bf doesn’t run we went on a nice hike. I wanted to check out something close to Sac & this was perfect. Only about a 50 minute drive from the city.

I came across this rattlesnake about 10 minutes into our walk. We came across 3 snakes today. This one scared the shit out of me! He was huge!!

Great views.

I really like this area because all of the trails were clearly marked. Good for a newbie like me.

Having fun climbing trees. What you don’t know is that to get out of this tree I needed to jump out of it. I sat in the tree for about 10 minutes too scared to jump. I am slowly getting over my fear of heights. I eventually jumped. It was not scary at all.

We met some nice dog friends.

And some caterpillar friends.

Representing Kaia FIT Sunrise!

  After we ate lunch at the river we headed back to the car. This little cabin was the site of a movie shoot back in 2003 (if I am remembering correctly).

  Post hike. It was a good 7ish miles. Some one needs sunglasses.

  After the hike we wanted to get a drink. I have been wanting to try Mraz Brewing for quite a while. I have had a few of their sours and since that is my favorite beer at the moment we had to stop by.

  2 flights. They did NOT disappoint. I loved every beer I had. The apricot sour and Wild Meadow were my favorites. Wild Meadow was top favorite. You need to check them out!

I feel like today was just what I needed. I signed up for Blood, Sweat & Beers yesterday and getting on the trail today made me really excited to be out there running. Other than the snakes I think I am going to love it. I even bought a hydration vest as soon as I got home.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and to those of you racing tomorrow have a great race! Especially those of you at the OC Marathon. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow!