Get Over It 

I hold grudges. I don’t want to & I try not to, but today I realized I need to just get the F over things sometimes. I will say, if someone apologizes for what they’ve done it is much easier for me to let go. But if they don’t, if they act as if I don’t exist & we never knew each other…well, that is a little harder. But why? As I write this I am realizing how silly stupid this sounds.

Here is why – because I have feelings & I care, because I get excited about things. REALLY excited. Especially when it involves meeting new people, helping others & making a difference in the community. Last year I was lucky enough to be apart of a free fitness movement & it was a HUGE deal. But Sacramento didn’t seem to know how lucky it was to be apart of such a special thing and it just wasn’t meant to be. And that is where my grudge comes in.

Our group was discontinued due to lack of people showing up – and likely lack of leadership. No hard feelings there, I get it. But to be blindsided by the news that we were no longer a part of this movement and to be told by someone you thought was a friend that your participation and your being a co-leader didn’t really matter and that certain people weren’t excited about you being apart of this group was beyond hurtful. To this day I get upset thinking about it. This is what I have decided to change. I don’t want to get upset every time I think about it. I don’t want to hold a grudge against someone for something that, in the grand scheme of things, is really not that big of a deal. I said earlier if I get an apology from someone that has hurt me or has done something wrong, I am okay. My next thought as I was thinking about it this morning was, “but it is too late for an apology, I wouldn’t even want to hear it”. What kind of person does that make me? It’s ridiculous. I realized I don’t need to hear an apology, and after all this time will probably never get one so I shouldn’t let these feelings stay with me. I need to let them go. I was thinking about it this morning because the group that we started to build still works out together and I often run by them during their workouts, as I did today. I don’t know them all anymore, but I know a few and the are AMAZING people. They have all come a long way since we met last year and inspire me everyday to push myself in my training.

Maybe it was the endorphins from my great run this morning that got me in this mood, or maybe I am tired of being mad. Maybe both. All I know is it has been almost a year since I lost someone I thought was a friend and a movement I had put my heart into, but it is time to get over it.  No more grudge, no more unhappiness about the situation.

In the time all of this has happened I have met some great people, I help empower women everyday through movement and the way I live my life and I have a growing business that helps people to live healthy & active lives. I know I am where I am meant to be. You know that saying, “Things happen for a reason” well, it is true. I have learned many lessons from this experience and I am stronger and smarter because of it. Look at me being all grown up and stuff 😉

Exploring My “Backyard”

My training run today inspired me to write this blog post. I am pretty lucky to have the American River less than a mile from where I live. When I am training for long distance races I will often run along the American River bike trail. However I don’t often take advantage of the trails along the river. I mean, they’re no Auburn trails, but when you live in Sacramento and don’t want to drive to your destination they will do.

If you check out the elevation profile it won’t look like much but there were still some good hills.

BSB Training – 5 trail(ish) miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

So that is what I did today. My legs are pretty tired but it was such a beautiful morning that I really wanted to get outside. I decided to get out in an area I don’t normally run. This was my view during my run today. Along with some really cute dog friends, but I didn’t want to seem creepy taking pictures of people’s dogs.

Along the way I found these great stairs that lead right to the river! Next time I have a hot training day I am going to go run these stairs & jump in the river. Can’t wait!

  I wore  my UV Half Buff today under my hat. A full review will be coming soon, but so far I love this thing!

  Running back towards the tracks I thought someone painted a cat friend, but looking at it more closely it kinda looks like a rabbit/cat mix. Needs whiskers.

Aww Sacramento. I love standing right here and seeing the city. It looks so far away, but in reality it is less than 3 miles from where I am standing to take this picture.
My run was very enjoyable today. I didn’t care about my pace or my distance. I just got out there to run and explore an area of my neighborhood I don’t run often. My favorite part of running is finding new areas to enjoy. I encourage you to explore where you live. Find a new running route, change up your routine. It will make your running so much more enjoyable, especially if you’re lacking the desire to run in the first place. In the near future I plan on doing this on an even bigger level. I want to start traveling around the county, and eventually the world and explore. I want to literally run all over the world. 

Until then, I am loving exploring my little part of the world.

What’s In A Name?

How original is that title? Yeah, not really.

In 2012, when I created this blog, it was to hold me accountable for training for my first marathon. I had NO IDEA where that would take me. I have learned so much about running, movement, coaching and about myself. I have grown, changed, transformed…hence the name change.

I realize now I have kind of made a brand for myself. I mean, I actually have people come up to me at races and say, “Hey runner girl! I read your blog…”. Yeah, that happens! Even outside of the little city I live in. I have multiple social media sites and the original purpose was to just share my love of running to anyone who cared to read. Even though I didn’t think anyone would care to read.

I have been fortunate enough to be an Ambassador  for multiple brands/races/organizations. A lot of that is based on my social media presence, and once again, my love for running. I am beyond grateful for those opportunities and love sharing my thoughts, tips and suggestions with people about running and fitness related products. And that isn’t going to change any time soon – as long as people still invite me to represent for them.

What has changed is me and my focus, as far as my training goes. Which is no surprise, I mean I do blog about it. Since joining Kaia FIT Sunrise  in 2014 and becoming a coach for them I have become a much better runner. This year I also found an awesome lifting clinic, Iron Grrls, that has helped me to become stronger and more confident. My trainer has also put into my head the idea of training as a powerlifter. Which I am totally doing after I run the CIM this year!

This blog is about more than running. It is about my life. It is about a girl that was inspired by runners to start running. And sorry (not sorry)  if this seems a bit dramatic but running literally changed my life. I was a shy, quite, unhappy (or at least not as happy) person with little self confidence. Running has helped make me who I am today. Running has taught me to set goals and work for them, it has taught me patience, and to never give up.  Running has taught me it is okay to be uncomfortable, in fact that is how we grow. Most importantly running has taught me I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Running is a journey, as is life. We are constantly learning, growing and transforming.

Yes I Can 

I have worked hard and have proven to myself that if I want something enough, and train hard enough I can accomplish what I set my mind to. I wanted to run a marathon in 2012 and I did. I wanted to beat my first marathon  time (which was an awful time of 5:44:05). So in 2013 I ran my 2nd CIM with a time of 4:18:16, and I ran my marathon PR at the CIM last year with a time of 3:53:47. In a span of 2 years I cut my time by almost 2 hours. And this year I plan on running the CIM and qualifying for Boston.

Running will always have a special place in my heart. I think it will always be my favorite form of movement. It has opened up a new world to me, I’ve experienced so many things and have met great people. It even changed my career path. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love to do other things.

When I started running I did get those comments I am sure many runners have heard, “you will ruin your knees”, “running is bad for your heart”, “you will eventually get injured”, “you won’t be able to walk when you’re old”. Yep. I heard all of those things. But that didn’t stop me.  You see, I am not stupid. Sure, I have made some mistakes in my training along the way but I have learned from my mistakes and I take care of my body. Recovery is just as important as training. Recovery is a HUGE part of training.

All of this brings me to something I have recently discovered I love doing. Powerlifting. I have always enjoyed being active. There really isn’t anything I don’t like doing (except dance classes. Zumba and things like that. No thanks). Back in March I started going to a class called Iron Grrls. I had been wanting to start lifting for quite some time but I couldn’t find a place that didn’t just throw me into the mix. I wanted to learn, understand what was doing and why. I was super happy to have found this amazing group of women and such a knowledgable trainer.

Here I am at my first Iron Grrls clinic. My first time really learning about a deadlift.

I am not sure what my weight is here. Looks to be around 105lbs or so. I know I got to 135 that day and our trainer had me stop there. I knew, and she knew I could do more but since it was my first time she called it. Which I appreciate. We had just met, she didn’t know me. You have to get to know someone first before testing their limits.

Here we are at the gym I work for, Kaia FIT Sunrise working on our technique.


Training at Kaia & with the ladies at Iron Grrls has been a great experience. I love to challenge myself and I want to try everything! Lately I have been getting over my fear of being upside down and falling on my head. I pretty much like to do handstands all over the place now.


What I love about training with Allyson is that she is always educating us during our workout. She wants us to know what the hell we are doing. And god damn, there is a lot to learn, but I love soaking it all in. Often she will say, “if you ever want to compete” or “you never know, you may compete someday”…which got me thinking (and the reason I am writing this post) what if I competed in powerlifting? Fuck yeah.

I think I really got excited about this idea a few weeks ago when we were working on my deadlift max. My current PR is 175lbs. I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad ass this day as I lifted more than I ever had and I had my trainer and the girls in my class cheering me on. That is when I knew I wanted to compete.
It was like the day I knew I wanted to run a marathon. I had this feeling…like, I just know I have to do this. And I am going to do this. I am lucky to have a supportive group of peeps around me that encourage me to do these crazy things. But as with running I have already met some resistance with people. So lets get a few things straight:

No I am NOT bodybuilding. Cool if that is your thing. It isn’t mine. I’m a little surprised at how many people think powerlifting is synonymous with bodybuilding.

No I don’t plan on “running like I do” while training to compete. Not even sure what that question was supposed to mean, but I’ll just take it as I am a bad ass runner too.

Yes I am going to lift and run. So keep telling me it isn’t good for me, because I am going to show you you’re wrong. That doesn’t mean I am in full out marathon training mode and powerlifting mode. I will be focusing on one more than the other but I will continue to do both.

I had a friend that was an amazing runner. I remember a group of us talking about what we do other than running to train. Their answer, “I run, I don’t have time for anything else. To be a better runner you have to run”. I never agreed with that. While, this person is a bad ass runner the idea that to be a better runner you don’t need to do anything else is completely false. There has to be a balance. You need to incorporate other types of movement to strengthen your body. If you don’t that is when you break down. Often that is the kind of runner people tend to think of when you tell them you run. Someone who just runs and runs and is injured all the time.

 Yeah I love running, but lets be honest, I’d get burnt out if that is all I did. I mean, come on – there is so much fun stuff you can do!   So blog friends – you heard it here. Me, a runner, is going to also be a powerlifter. I am way excited about this…but first I am going to focus on my next big race. The CIM. In case you didn’t know, I am going to qualify for Boston this year.

Mizuno Enigma 5 – A Review 

Disclaimer: I received the Mizuno Enigma 5 to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

If you follow any of my social media sites you will know I love Altra running shoes. I’m obsessed. When the opportunity came up to try the Mizuno Enigma 5 I have to admit I was a bit hesitant. Why change a good thing? However, I think it’s a good idea to see what other shoes are like. I’ve been running in Altra for just over a year, so maybe there is something out there that I would like just as much. As a coach it’s nice to have an idea of other types of shoes other than what I run in. I’ve also heard a ton of praise from runner friends about Mizuno.

So here they are!

Gotta say, it isn’t a bad looking shoe. Fun colors – if that is your thing. I slipped them on and…holy shizz. These things made me tall! Or at least that is they way they felt. You see, I am used to running in a zero drop shoe, and the heel to toe drop for these shoes is 12mm (although I’ve also read it is 11mm). Either way that is a major difference for me.

I took them on an easy few miles. Right away I noticed how LOUD my steps were as I was running. Call me weird, but I kinda pride myself on how quiet I am when I run and when I run around “stompers” (as I call them) it drives me crazy. These shoes made me a stomper. As much as I tried I couldn’t run a quite run like I am used to. I do like the material, other than being a little snug around my foot they feel good. While running I do notice the “responsiveness” in them. It is kinda like they help to get your foot off the ground, put a little bounce in your step.

Something I do with all my shoes is lace them horizontally. So before my next run I changed it up to see if that would help with the snugness.

My next run I went to a spot Downtown where I like to run stairs. So I ran a few sets of stairs and ran some sprints on the rooftop.

I was surprised to find that I actually liked running sprints in these shoes. They were heavier than what I am used to but more comfy for sprints than I would have thought. Again, at the mid point in my run my feet started to go numb. Even with the re-lacing of my shoes.

The last workout I did with these shoes was at Kaia FIT Sunrise this evening. I did like them for the workout. Good support, perfect for all the burpees we did. Then we ran some line runs and my feet started hurting again. It may be that these shoes need to be broken in, but the last pair of shoes I had to break in I wore for 2 months and my feet never got used to them. Personally, I don’t think shoes need to be broken in. You should know from the first run if they are good for you.


These shoes (as of writing this post) have not yet been released. Here is some info about the Enigma 5 from  Mizuno’s website. They are for runners that like that maximum cushioning and are neutral shoes that are good for high mileage runs or even if you need a bit more cushioning/support for your recovery days. They are light weight (8.8oz) and have “upgraded upper materials, including extra breathable mesh, provide a glove-like fit”. Too tight of a fit for me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.45.52 PM

So the bottom line for me? I won’t be switching brands. I would, however, recommend these to someone who needs more support when they run and likes this style of shoe – neutral, high heel to toe drop, and has a smaller foot. Although, I have to say my feet aren’t that big. I would also recommend them as a cross training shoe over a running shoe.

Here is a picture to prove it. Veiny, but not big.


Thank you Mizuno for the opportunity to test out this shoe!