On-Running Cloudsurfer – A Review

Disclaimer: I received the On-Running Cloudsurfer shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

 I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about a new(ish) running shoe company recently,  On-Running. I am always interested in learning about running shoes & these have an interesting concept about them, but first the specs:

Runner Profile: All types of runners looking for a cushioned yet highly responsive training and competition shoe.

Goal: Increase performance, train and compete

Category: Neutral

Heel toe offset: 7mm | 0.28 in

Weight: 8.5oz (US W

These shoes are designed with a technology they call ‘CloudTec‘ . The ‘highly adaptive rubber elements’ cushion your landing. CloudTec helps you land softly but push off hard for a powerful takeoff. The rubber at the bottom of the shoes, the ‘Clouds’ act as stability balls and are designed to help you activate your postural muscles and stabilize your foot strike. The goal of these shoes is to help you move freely and run naturally as if you’re barefoot. As a runner, that all sounds great! But when put to the test, do they deliver?

The first thing I thought of when I first put on the Cloudsurfers was I felt like I was wearing cleats. The rubber bottoms aren’t as soft and springy as I thought they would be during my regular run. My first run in the Cloudsurfer’s I ran an easy few miles with some strides at the end. While running strides, I could feel more of the springy-ness, they seemed more responsive. I think these would be good shoes for speed work, maybe even running stairs/hill repeats.

Verdict: not for me. It is possible I wasn’t able to break the shoes in because I was only able to wear them for about 3 or 4 runs. Reason being, I have been dealing with an ankle injury since last year. With my recent increase in mileage my ankle has been hurting again and every time I ran in these shoes my ankle became very painful.  On one hand I kinda feel like I wasn’t able to give these shoes a fair try, but on the other hand, in the past when I find shoes I like I know it after the first run. Unfortunately, this shoe didn’t work out for me, but my fellow BibRave Pros Sarah and Angie loved them. Here are their reviews:

Sweet Blondes Fit Life

Angie Runs

Pros: comfortable fit, breathable, good for speed work or stair/hill repeats.

Cons: a little heavier than I would prefer, not as responsive during regular runs.



3 thoughts on “On-Running Cloudsurfer – A Review

    • Thanks! Yes, I was hoping they would. Interesting technology, maybe if my ankle wasn’t already injured they would have been better for me. Glad you like them!

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