San Diego Hot Chocolate 15k – A Review

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Me and fellow BibRave Pro Jenny pre race!


This year was my first time running a Hot Chocolate Race! It was the San Diego Hot Chocolate 15k. With my recent goal of training for a new 5k pr put on hold (ankle issues) I haven’t been running as much as I would like. And I definitely haven’t been training to race a 15k (9.3 miles). AND I for sure haven’t been training to do a hilly 15k. With all that being said, I was still up for the challenge. The race started at 7:40am, and my wave didn’t start until about 8:00am. Call me an early riser but I thought that was really late to be starting a race.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.54.22 PM.png

There were 2 distances for this race – 5k and 15k. Obviously still being new to the SD area and this being only the 2nd race I have done in the City I chose the 15k. I want to experience as much of SD on my runs as possible. The funny thing is, that much of this race was in my area of North Park. We started Downtown SD, ran up to North Park, through Balboa a bit and back down into the city. It was such a challenge! None of the hills were particularly steep, but they were long. Mile 6 was downhill which was a nice break at that point, but then around mile 7 was more uphill. It was at that point I swallowed my pride and walked. I always hate when I have to walk at a race, but with the lack of training I had I was actually okay with it this time. I knew I wasn’t going to be fast this day. With that being said I still finished in 1:26:30. I have the hills to thank for that.

SD Hot Chocolate 15k

 I think a lot of people sign up for this race for the perks. Which include:

  • A sweater (pictured above)
  • Chocolate & goodies – pretzels, banana, marshmallows…to dip in the chocolate. It was good!
  • Free pictures. Although, I only found 1 picture of me and it wasn’t crossing the finish. Weird, I swear I had photos of the finish. The photographers were at the finish line and around the corner from the finish. I think they should have been else where along the course too.
  • Cool medal

As long as I have my bf to get pictures of my race every thing is good! He is still the best photographer, in my opinion 😉

This was a great race because of the challenge of it. There were a lot of runners, just over 5,000. I think races like this bring a lot of new runners out. Which is awesome! I am always down for people finding their love of running like I have. My only problem with this kind of race is (and this is just my assumption) I think people don’t know race/running etiquette. If you’re new, how would you know that?? I think it would be great for races to include those kinds of things in their participant emails or even have it on the website. This is not my attempt to be a bitch or act like I am the best runner out there (I think we know that is NOT the case 🙂 ) but it really is for safety. I had a few people stop right in front of me while running. One I ran into the other I was able to run around. It may not seem like a big deal but I could have knocked us to the ground and caused a huge pile up of runners. If you are slow, or need to stop make sure you move to the right of the course. There is my public announcement for the day!

Overall I had a good experience. I would recommend this race to anyone looking for good chocolate and a good time. And a hilly challenge.

You can read my SD Hot Chocolate review, and all my race reviews on BibRave.


Obligatory picture of my cat with the medal. That is the, “what the hell, I was sleeping” look.





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